Hushaby Songs

  for solo Voice and Piano2007)

  1. 1.Prelude

  2. 2.Sleep My Dear

  3. 3.Garden Balsam Flowers

  4. 4.Baby, don’t you cry

  5. 5.A Little Interlude

  6. 6.Piggy Back Song

  7. 7.Iyonruika

Soprano: Bonnie Draina

Piano: Mutsumi Moteki

Colorado Spotlight's Charley Samson presents a preview of the CU Boulder Faculty Recital Series, Monday, September 10 at 7 pm.

Recorded in the KVOD Performance Studio.  


ハッシャバイ・ソングス —独唱とピアノのための— (2007)

1. 前奏曲
2. ややこら眠れ
3. てぃんさぐぬ花
5. 小さな間奏曲
6. おんばえやれや

About 4 years ago, I was commissioned to write a choral suite, and I included one folk lullaby.  Then, one of the voice students at Kobe College, where I teach, asked me to write a solo version for her senior recital.     So, I arranged it for a solo voice and piano, and arranged another famous song from Okinawa for this student.  After that, I became fascinated by this project, and decided to compose a set of Japanese lullabies. 
"Hushaby Songs" is a set of five songs based on folk lullabies from different parts of Japan-from the far South to the far North-from Okinawa to Hokkaido.  The songs are introduced with a prelude for solo piano, and later there is an interlude between songs 4 and 5. 

I have this rare chance to visit Colorado because Doctor Mutsumi Moteki and Doctor Bonnie Draina from the University of Colorado at Boulder will perform these pieces for the first time in the world.  Mr.David Kirtley named my piece "Hushaby Songs".   I like it very much because it is a simple and gentle title.  He is a friend of mine, and lives in Colorado.  And he is also a composer.
I composed the "Hushaby Songs", hoping they will console not only children but also adults.
Why do I compose music?   This question is something that I always wonder to myself.  And why do people create things?   Maybe this is because it is connected to the very meaning of our life to always give a gift to other people. 
I always hope that my pieces will become music that can be given not only to the living but also to the dead who live in our memories.

I feel a mysterious destiny, because the Hushaby Songs' world premier will take place on September 11th. 

(From the interview on “Colorado Spotlight”)

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